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Stella Blue


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Stella Blue, a sativa-dominant hybrid strain, was created by crossing Blueberry X Unknown. Stella Blue, like its renowned father, has a gorgeous sweet berry flavour with an unexpectedly intense pungent citrus finish. When the nugs are torn apart, they produce a zesty citrus aroma with a lovely earthy berry undertone. Stella Blue nugs are tiny to medium-sized, thick olive green with dark green leaves, virtually translucent pale amber hairs, and heavy crystal white trichomes.

The Stella Blue high offers you a cheerful and euphoric feeling, similar to getting tipsy after a few too many Stella beers. The exhilaration begins with a heightened cerebral impact that makes you delighted and much more chatty than usual. Your cognition will be keen at first, but it will eventually be veiled by a tranquil body buzz that will soothe you without impairing your capacity to perform. As a consequence, Stella Blue is a popular option for people with chronic fatigue, moderate to severe depression, chronic pain, or anxiety.

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