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N.Y Sour Diesel


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N.Y. Sour Diel, often known as ‘G6,’ is a cannabis hybrid strain that is sativa in nature. N.Y. Sour Diel contains lumpy, heart-shaped buds with hairy, amber hairs entirely coated with dazzling, amber trichomes. The flavour is incredibly unpleasant, with a diesel undertone and hints of sweet skunk. N.Y Sour Diel is a cannabis strain with genetics from the ‘Diesel’ family, hence the taste and smell are extremely similar to Diesel strains.

In terms of effects, N.Y Sour Diel is often referred to as “the cocaine of marijuana.” There’s an excellent explanation for it. The quick impacts of the N.Y Sour Diel high will piledrive you, as a rush to your brain fills your thoughts with activity. You’ll be ecstatic, with an enhanced mood and a peculiar tingling, intellectual energy that may leave you laughing and foolish. As your mind starts to fly, your body will surrender to a state of full and absolute relaxation that will not result in drowsiness or couch-lock, but will leave you feeling very lethargic.

N.Y Sour Diel can send you soaring like a jet straight off the carrier, but if you’re not cautious, you may wind up crashing rather severely. New users should be cautious of the lethargy that follows the first surge, as it may be exhausting to go from such a high-energy state to a sluggish one so rapidly. After all, the strain’s namesake comes from the rapid dip in mood it induces.

The potent properties of N.Y Sour Diel make it an excellent option for the treatment of chronic tiredness, migraines, tension headaches, chronic stress, mood swings, and depression.

For the first time, this New York Sour Diel burns hot enough to melt steel beams.

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